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Shivom offers a test which protects your DNA data and allows you to go beyond ancestry, fitness, health and so much more.

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Learn how you can gain insight into your DNA while collaborating with others from around the world.

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Learn how you can get access to quality data from patients around the world while lowering the cost of R&D.

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About our Platform

Shivom is a bridge between your DNA data and the valuable players who use this data to research and create new therapies. Our Platform enables individuals to interact with healthcare services and enterprises to help improve healthcare R&D and drug development – on a global scale.


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      Shivom is a leading health-tech company focused on developing the world’s largest DNA data and healthcare services platform powered by blockchain technology.

      By leveraging the latest advancements in genomics, cryptography, and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, our platform aims to democratize genomic sequencing in-order to provide individuals with the ability to securely store their DNA data and automate their health and wellness.


      The OMX token is used to fuel the Shivom eco-system and can be used to exchange for goods and services on our platform. Tokens are an easy way for organisations from around the world to reward patient participation and patients to purchase kits, reports and applications within our marketplace.


      Shivom provides consumers and enterprises with various services from personalised reporting and DNA kits to our DNA data search and marketplace.


      Our users DNA data is protected through the combined effort of both blockchain technology and secure encryption. From the consumer permissions settings, you can enable who has the ability to view, search or contact you at any given time.


      Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.


      Our platform utilises blockchain and smart-contract technology to verify ownership of DNA data and authorise transactions between both consumers, enterprises and research organisations.

      Blockchain is a new technology which has demonstrated an encrypted and de-centralised architecture to authorise, trace ownership and protect privacy; which is not currently available with centralised technologies.

      This is important to our users, who will now have ownership and total control of their own DNA data; all the while being able to control who has access at any given time.