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Major Achievements

  • $35M Hardcap Achieved

  • Shivom Signs MOU with

    Indian Government of Andhra Pradesh

  • Former Prime Minister of Estonia, Taavi Rõivas,

    to join as a member of Shivom's Innovation Council

  • Shivom formally announced its strategic alliance with Genetic Technologies Limited

    (ASX: GTG; NASDAQ: GENE), a diversified molecular diagnostics company

  • Strategic technical partnerships established with

    Ocean protocol and Spherity protocol

  • Shivom Innovation Council

    publicly announced


Shivom Roadmap


To make the direct-to-consumer genomics business more open, fair, and beneficial to all users, the Shivom platform uses blockchain technology to create a disruptive genomics ecosystem. It ensures data is owned by the data donors themselves. It ensures a transparent and secure bridge to organizations interested in using that data.
We have an entirely global vision, with the goal of integrating multiple services into one interconnected ecosystem. We aim to leverage collaboration and partnerships to make this happen in an open and transparent way, truly utilizing the complete set of benefits that blockchain technology has to offer. While this is a grand vision, it’s not entirely out of reach, and we have put together a business plan and team that’s capable of executing this on a global scale.
Shivom will earn revenue through pharma companies who want to use the data to support their drug development programs. Additionally, consumers who want answers based on their uploaded DNA sequences will use the platform to purchase various health care apps for a nominal fee. Eventually, consumers will be able to order Shivom sequencing kits directly via the platform. All this can be done via the utility of the OmiX token.
A token is a voucher that can be exchanged for goods or services. In the case of OmiX tokens, they are utility tokens that can be exchanged for goods and services in the Shivom ecosystem/platform.
No. All OmiX which will ever exist will be created with a ‘genesis’ transaction, meaning that the total supply of OmiX tokens will always stay the same and you cannot “mine” OmiX. The total supply of OmiX is 3.3 billion or 3 300 000 000 tokens.
Donors will be able to upload their data sets from other third party websites like 23andme or, and others, by uploading the data file to the SHIVOM platform. There is no cost to do this. Eventually, users will be able to order a DNA kit from SHIVOM directly. This way, donors will be able to provide their DNA sample and it will be sequenced at ours or a partner lab, and then uploaded to a platform.
PoC product will be launching in the next few weeks. This will be iteratively modified and improved based on user feedback. Our goal is to provide the best product for our users needs.
An ICO is required in order to distribute OmiX tokens. OmiX tokens will be the useable cryptocurrency of the Shivom platform, and has a number of use cases within the platform. The money raised will be primarily spent on sequencing campaigns to generate data for the platform and for pharma and research customers, for opening up sequencing centres, and for business development in order to build partnerships with key stakeholders who will help the platform grow and expand. For a detailed explanation of our use of funds, please see our whitepaper.
Omix tokens allow to be part of a growing ecosystem with a vision towards the future of healthcare. You should consider investing in the crowdsale if you're someone who wants to be part of a growing healthcare start-up focused on alleviating challenges in the healthcare space using revolutionary technologies.
The minimum 15 million USD. The first part of the project has already been initiated and the next stage of development will take place with our newly raised funds. This will increase the value in the platform and allow room for more future investment to continue with subsequent milestones.
The hard cap is set at 35 million USD.
There are a number of platforms such as Coinbase or similar, which are the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency. After verifying your account, you can add a number of payment methods including credit or debit cards, U.S. bank accounts, or wire transfers of funds.
Payments can be made with Ether and Bitcoin. The funds are credited to your personal account on the Shivom platform, from which you will receive tokens through the token launch.
We do not charge transaction fees. But 3rd parties may charge a fee for transferring out the funds. Transaction fee is charged by the relevant blockchain's infrastructure based on the amount of transfer.
Tokens will be stored in a digital wallet within the Shivom platform.
The token has value associated with its utility in the platform. As our platform grows its utility will increase, and this will be exponential due to network effects. We cannot comment on the price in a month, or a year, but we expect that it will increase due to increase in usability and functionality of the platform.

Token Allocation



  • TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY - 3 billion tokens
    1 ETH = 7000 OMX tokens
    Soft Cap - 15 million USD (Already achieved)
  • Hard Cap - 35 million USD
    Total tokens for crowd sale - 990 Million

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"The Shivom Token sale is intended only for persons outside the United States. No action has been taken to permit US residents or US persons to participate in any Shivom token activities. The token sale does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any Shivom tokens in any jurisdiction where registration or qualification of such an offer or solicitation is required.

All participants in any Shivom token activities will be screened and confirmed accordingly during the KYC / AML process."