Shivom’s Referral Program — Earn More Through Your Network

Congratulations on joining and contributing to the Shivom’s presale!

Now is when the fun begins. We are offering every Shivom user a chance to earn more bonuses through referrals. Our referral program is simple and has the potential for high returns. All you have to do is share the unique referral link you receive in your email after you have created an account on the Shivom dashboard.

If you still haven’t registered for the OmiX presale you can visit the Tokensale dashboard — and complete the registration process.

Referral program is based on your network!

When you receive your referral link, you can send this link to your friends and family and receive 5% bonus every time those you referred purchase OmiX tokens from their account.

The referrals program is not limited to a one-time reward. This is a 3-tier referral code that plays on network effects, which means you will get a 5% bonus for every new user and they also receive a bonus amounting to 5%. They can also share the unique referral link they receive with their friends, which in turn gives them 5% bonus, and gives you 4%. Subsequent sharing of the referral link by those friends will allow you to still enjoy a 3% bonus on their purchased tokens.

Overall, for three subsequent sharings of referral links in your network will allow you to receive a bonus of 5%, 4%, and 3% from your connections.

For any queries regarding Shivom’s referral program, please contact us at:

We are thrilled to have you on board the Shivom community, and are excited to be able to reward our biggest supporters!

Everything You Need To Know About The Shivom Presale

The Shivom Presale is scheduled to go live on Monday April 16th, 2018 6:00PM GMT.

Registration is still open and you can register now.

We will not publish the ETH address for contribution on any social media or our Telegram group.

We recommend you join our Telegram community and follow us on twitter so that you don’t miss any updates for more updates and recommendations in the run up to the pre and the public sale.

Conditions of the OmiX Crowdsale:

  • 990 Million OmiX tokens for sale at 1 ETH = 7000 OmiX
  • First 15 000 ETH worth of tokens will be sold at 10% discount on 16th April Bonus will decrease by 1% each day
  • Hard cap: 75,000 ETH
  • Soft Cap : 20,000 ETH ( Already achieved)
  • Minimum transaction limit: 0.00014286 ETH
  • Min individual cap: 1 ETH
  • Caps will be reviewed after 24 hours, if tokens remain

How to begin?

  1. Create an account — Register on the Shivom website and create an account at: Verify your email address by clicking on the email confirmation you receive.
  2. Complete KYC — You will only be able to get your OmiX tokens after a verified KYC. You will still be able to purchase OmiX before your KYC has been verified, however your OmiX tokens will only appear in your wallet AFTER you have passed verification. After you have created your account, you need to further provide your proof of ID with a photograph and additional information. It may take up to 24 hours for your KYC to be completed and your identity to be verified. Please check your spam folder in case you don’t receive the KYC confirmation email in your inbox. If you receive an email within 24 hours which says that your identity has not been verified, please re-submit the KYC application by following the instructions in your email.
  4. Wait for the launch time (April 16th 1pm GMT). Once you’ve registered and submitted KYC, you can log in to your account on at the sale start time and you will be ready to buy OmiX. To buy OMX in the token sale using our platform, please follow step by step guide at this link
  5. We recommend you join our Telegram community and follow us on Twitter so that you don’t miss any updates.

Register on our Tokensale Dashboard

Hello Shivom Community!

We noticed that many of you have already joined our whitelist and have signed up for the presale event scheduled to go live on April 16th, 2018 at 1 PM GMT. To continue with your journey as part of our community we recommend that you register on our Tokensale Dashboard as soon as possible to ensure that your purchase of OmiX tokens goes smoothly.

Here you will be able to complete your KYC, which is a mandatory step before purchasing tokens, and subsequently, the token purchase will be available to you once the sale goes live.

Visit page and follow the instructions.

The Shivom team is there to answer any questions you may have or any assistance that you may need with KYC procedure.

You can contact us at:

Project Shivom — Only ICO backed by three different government officials

The future of genomic data is here and it’s Shivom!

Shivom, the blockchain project with the goal of becoming the world’s largest genomic data hub, has gained notable momentum in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and continues to do so as it’s public token sale draws close. To date Shivom has captured the attention of cryptocurrency leaders, government administrations including those in India and Europe, artificial intelligence scientists, and experts in digital data security. Shivom with its unique use of blockchain technology is well on its way to revolutionize the storage and analysis of DNA data and empoy it for guiding and improving precision medicine and biotechnology R&D.

Shivom is headed by a team of geneticists, scientists, digital currency experts, and proficient business developers. The project is one of the most anticipated blockchain projects of the near future, and with the ability for users to control their genomic data using advanced encryptions, provision of incentives to volunteers who donate data for medical research, and the ability to use services and apps in a decentralized marketplace, it is set to revolutionize not just the course of genomics but also global healthcare as a whole.

Shivom has recently announced a number of exciting partnerships, including those with the government in Andhra Pradesh to sequence up to 60 million people in that province of India, starting with a pilot study after the close of the token sale, as well as with publicly traded company Genetic Technologies Limited for development of predictive genetic tests and use of accredited laboratories. A number of influential officials such as Former Prime Minister of Estonia, Taavi Rõivas and European member of parliament, Antanas Guoga and top notch scientists have joined the Shivom Innovation Council to help guide the company’s growth and development efforts, and we are in line for more exciting partnerships and developments in the coming weeks!

For more info visit our website — Stay tuned!

Shivom Team

Shivom Covered by CryptoCoin!

A leading news source for information on cryptocurrencies, ICO reviews, cryptonews, and blockchain projects, has recently covered Shivom.

The article, accessible at, offers a review of Shivom and its goal to build the world’s largest genomic data-hub and healthcare ecosystem; its new and unique global healthcare OmiX token, and its scope of improving precision medicine, DNA data analysis, and prognosis of various diseases using genomic data.

Throwing light on various aspects of Shivom as a DNA data-hub, a potential global health game-changer, and major new cryptocurrency project, the article presents a holistic view of Shivom’s capability and its prospects in the ICO market and as a driver of healthcare as it strategically integrates blockchain technology with DNA Data.

The article is a must-read for anyone who wants to be further informed about Shivom, the panel of experts on board, insights about the OmiX token, partnerships, use of blockchain and its position among the noteworthy blockchain projects.

An excerpt from the article states, “Shivom ecosystem will function in a decentralized way by using blockchain technologies, integrating the best protocols for advanced encryption and the combination of this with Artificial Intelligence.”

You can read the entire article on at

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Shivom!

Shivom Operates A Safe & Secure Purchase Platform — Follow These Simple Essential Crowdsale Tips

Dear Shivom Supporter,

Our crowdsale is only a few days away and in order to ensure the safety of your OmiX token purchase, we are sharing a few tips you can follow to fully secure your participation in the public presale, launching on April 16th, 1PM, GMT.

As a member of the Shivom community, please note that each step mentioned below is essential to ensure the safety and security of your purchase of OmiX tokens.

Tips to safeguard your contribution to the Shivom Crowdsale!

  1. Ignore Spam Messages — Shivom will never send an ambiguous or enticing message concerning your purchase or our initial offerings. Please note we will neither share or ask for information such as the contribution address, or make an incredible offer through a private message. All our messages will be sent through our verified Telegram group which can be visited at: You should be aware of scammers who impersonate and imitate website design, content, and information of founders in order to obtain sensitive data from the community. Do not respond to messages you may suspect of being unverified or without Shivom’s recognizable and official signia.
  2. Admin and Official Messages — All relevant messages will be sent through official interfaces such as the website, Telegram, social media or the official newsletter. Kindly do not respond to messages which are dubious in their official status.
  3. Bookmark/ Email the Official Website URL — Many times, scammers can create an identical website of the parent brand which can fool people and also obtain vital information from them. Kindly bookmark the official website of Shivom ( and other official online domains related to Shivom, such as social media, telegram group, etc.
  4. Save Official Email Addresses — In order to steer clear of fake or spam emails, save the Shivom email addresses in your primary email so that the emails show up in your inbox and not in the spam folder. This will ensure that the Shivom email is not counted as spam by your email client and you can easily identify a scam email in case you receive one as it will automatically be sent to your spam folder. Even when you have received the email in your inbox, always double check the information of the sender before replying.
  5. Do Not Share Your Shivom Account or Related Information with Anyone — Keep your contributions to our project as private as possible and do not share it with individuals you cannot trust with sensitive information. Shivom officials themselves will never ask or coax you to share unnecessary or unrequired information. PLEASE ONLY SEND ETH TO YOUR UNIQUE PARTICIPATION ADDRESS.

Please do not disclose crucial information about your Shivom account to anyone. We have also implemented some rules for the token sale so that safety and security of your data can remain intractable. These rules will be applied 30 minutes prior to the Token Sale and be in place up until 24 hours after the end of the Token Sale.

  1. Complete your KYC and obtain your encrypted key.
  2. 30 minutes before the token sale begins, the group will be muted and only Shivom admins will be able to write on the group.
  3. There’s a functionality in place where the bot will prevent accepting more than two messages from the same user and will delete two consecutive messages from the same user. If the user persists then the bot can ban them.
  4. Our system also bans anyone posting any ETH address or link immediately.

If you encounter any scam, abuse, or misleading information, please report it via Telegram and contact our support at

We look forward to a secure and long-lasting relationship with you!

CollinStar Capital Invests in Shivom!

CollinStar Capital, the leaders in fintech and digital currency, pools a large investment into the Shivom project.

CollinStar is one of the biggest Australian-based asset management firms, and are experts in blockchain technology and infrastructure, as well as a proficient cryptocurrency investor. Shivom is very excited to welcome CollinStar’s expertise and contribution to our work building the largest genomic and healthcare data hub around the globe. We are confident that CollinStar’s contribution will help propel our vision forward, and with their backing, we are on our way to changing the healthcare landscape.

Shivom is thrilled to have gained the confidence of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts and we look forward to many more of these announcements in the coming days.

These milestones help motivate us to make Shivom the largest project of its kind, and with backers such as CollinStar, we are confident we can make this happen!

We are extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement we have received from our community thus far and are committed to keep the momentum going.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Shivom Covered on David Pakman Show, Finance News Network, and ICO review

Shivom is creating a lot of buzz with its unique and futuristic interlocking of blockchain technology and genomic data. Recently, Shivom’s CEO Axel Schumacher and CIO Henry Ines have been featured on the Finance News Network, David Pakman Show, and ICO Review.

The videos offer insights on the project, Shivom’s ICO offering, and include interviews with Co-Founders of Shivom and their vision, respectively.

You can view the videos at:

ICO Review —

David Pakman show featuring Henry Ines —

Finance News Network featuring Dr. Axel Schumacher and Henry Ines –

These videos highlight Shivom’s prospects and its purpose of decentralizing DNA and genomic data while ensuring full control and privacy to the DNA donors and genomic data providers.

Watch the Co-founding team talk to experts and explain the idea behind Shivom’s creation as they also provide a perspective on the future of precision medicine, DNA-based medical research, blockchain solutions and the importance of encrypting sensitive information DNA. In these videos, they also address concerns surrounding Shivom’s proposed use of the blockchain technology and genomic information.

We would also like to inform you that we are nearing the crowd sale event of our OmiX token which is only a few days from now.

Stay tuned.

Nugget’s News Features Shivom

One of the most popular YouTube channels on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Australia’s #1 Nugget’s News names Shivom as one of the biggest projects to lookout for in the near future.

Nugget’s News team recently reviewed Shivom’s model of building the world’s largest DNA datahub around the globe, and its aim of empowering users and DNA donors with full control and power over the information they share.

The full video is available for viewing here:

Nugget’s viewers are introduced to Shivom’s comprehensive offering, including securing DNA and genomic data storage, monetizing and incentivizing DNA data sharing and encrypting DNA information to prevent violations of privacy. Furthermore, the review describes how Shivom will guide the field of precision medicine, carrying out genetic data collection through global studies in developing countries, and transform the future of healthcare globally.

We are extremely grateful to the Nugget’s News team for their positive response to our project, and for featuring us on their channel! This is a great encouragement to the Shivom team to continue reaching for the top in our goal to advance and revolutionize genomics and precision medicine!

Sign up for Shivom’s Presale Event and Avail 10% Bonus

A very warm greeting to our extended Shivom family!

We are thrilled to announce that the presale of our OmiX (OMX) token will commence on April 16th, continuing until April 22nd, 2018. To take advantage of the presale, you need to join our whitelist by signing up at

If you have been following Shivom’s journey for the last couple weeks, you are likely aware of all of our amazing recent developments and the overwhelming response our project has received.

Our goal is to democratize DNA data analysis, positively impact precision medicine and securely store genomic information. Shivom has already gained the support of a number of prominent individuals and organizations in the field, and we’re well on our way to gathering even more momentum!

With the Shivom platform everyone will be able to store their DNA data within a secure and privacy-oriented blockchain-based ecosystem, and monetize data sharing with research institutions and pharma companies, to directly impact global healthcare. The OmiX token is the fuel of Shivom’s platform and will be used to drive all data sharing, incentivizing and rewarding of individual DNA data donors. Additionally, it is the required method of exchange by pharma companies, medical institutes, and organizations to collaborate on research studies and access and analyze data.

If you are as excited about our project as we are, and would like to get an early start in joining our ecosystem, then register for the presale event and join our whitelist now!

You can sign up at to continue your journey as part of Shivom’s community.

Join our token campaign and let’s change global healthcare together!