April 13, 2018

CollinStar Capital Invests in Shivom!

CollinStar Capital, the leaders in fintech and digital currency, pools a large investment into the Shivom project.

CollinStar is one of the biggest Australian-based asset management firms, and are experts in blockchain technology and infrastructure, as well as a proficient cryptocurrency investor. Shivom is very excited to welcome CollinStar’s expertise and contribution to our work building the largest genomic and healthcare data hub around the globe. We are confident that CollinStar’s contribution will help propel our vision forward, and with their backing, we are on our way to changing the healthcare landscape.

Shivom is thrilled to have gained the confidence of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts and we look forward to many more of these announcements in the coming days.

These milestones help motivate us to make Shivom the largest project of its kind, and with backers such as CollinStar, we are confident we can make this happen!

We are extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement we have received from our community thus far and are committed to keep the momentum going.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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