The Omix platform provides solutions to a wide range of customers, including consumers, industry, research, governments and nonprofits.


Many individuals are interested in learning more about their lifestyle, health and treatable disease susceptibility, but don’t have access to that information easily. Companies often use and share personal data however they choose, without the individual being able to control who has access to that data and for what purpose, never mind the fact that they often sell personal data without asking the individual. Meanwhile consumers want to keep their personal information private and safe, and participate in the commercialization of their data.


Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies typically do not share and collaborate; they provide individual services that do not interact with each other. As drug development and healthcare costs rapidly rise, pharmaceutical companies need more data in order to fuel their R&D efforts. In the meantime, healthcare data is also regularly compromised through hacks and data breaches.


It is difficult for research organisations to get access to patients and healthcare data from diverse populations and developing economies, which are needed to develop better treatments. It is also difficult to accurately recruit the right patient populations into trials for complex and rare diseases. Currently, healthcare datasets are siloed and largely inaccessible to those who can generate the greatest value from them.


Many individuals around the world cannot access or afford healthcare services. Simultaneously, governments in developed countries often struggle in leading individuals to take ownership of their health, improve their health and maintain this interest throughout their lifetime.


Non-profit research and patient groups typically have large barriers in accessing funds, technology, patients, data and partners in order to carry out their vision. Many communities have little to no infrastructure for these services, making it challenging for patients to seek healthcare and wellness advice.