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Breaking Boundaries in Andhra Pradesh

A pioneering diabetes pilot to collect, sequence and analyze DNA in India, with the aim of using the data for improved diagnosis and treatment of a disease that is devastating the country.

We are currently working with our diagnostics partners Genetic Technologies Limited (‘GTG’) with the goal of finding unique genetic markers specific to Indian subpopulations that may help explain why the country has one of the highest rising prevalences of the type 2 diabetes in the world.

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Breaking Boundaries in Nigeria

Shivom has partnered with eMQT, a non-profit organization focused on high quality clinical trials in Africa.

Over the course of the next year Shivom and eMQT will collect and work together to analyse DNA data from patients with Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria, Africa. Patients will be able to receive incentives for sharing their information and the data will be stored on the OmiX platform, secured using Shivom’s technology.


Research, Innovation & Global Impact

This year, Shivom has partnered with multiple organisations to help individuals in developing economies gain access to their DNA information.

Shivom’s platform, powered by blockchain technology, will allow everyone the opportunity to control and access their own DNA information, while simultaneously propelling advances in precision medicine.

If you are interested in supporting, partnering or sponsoring any of our existing pilot projects or future projects please reach out to us below.

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Opportunity for our Partners

Gain access to large sets of DNA data from around the world to advance your R&D. There are opportunities to collaborate on other projects, please reach out for further information.

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