Major Achievements


  • “Our partnership with Shivom explores the possibilities of providing an efficient way of diagnostic services to patients of Andhra Pradesh by maintaining the privacy of the individual data through blockchain technologies,” said J A Chowdary, IT Advisor to Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

    - Andhra Govt

  • Dr Paul Kasian, Genetic Technologies' Chairman commented: "The Board is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Project Shivom on its unique blockchain platform. Where the formal terms are agreed with Project Shivom, access to such a large database of genomic data would allow GTG to utilize its SNP based risk assessment technologies and Australian CLIA accredited laboratory to facilitate the potential further development of other predictive cancer tests, enabling GTG to offer a comprehensive risk assessment portfolio."

    - Paul Kasian

  • Antanas Guoga, Advisor, Member of the E.U Parliament commented: "The Omix token is actually gonna solve a lot of issues that the world is facing, the whole ecosystem of omix token will enable people to get health care cheaper together through the blockchain ecosystem.We will put people at the centre of the healthcare.Join us and empower us to make people healthy."

    - Antanas Guoga

  • Dr Carsten Stocker, Advisor, CEO, Spherity commented: "We all are born equal, so at short step having same right to access to technology and to get access to benefits as well.Thus modern cryptography we can add privacy, preserving, solutions, customized for the human genome analytics and DNA matching."

    - Carsten Stocker

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