April 13, 2018

Nugget’s News Features Shivom

One of the most popular YouTube channels on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Australia’s #1 Nugget’s News names Shivom as one of the biggest projects to lookout for in the near future.

Nugget’s News team recently reviewed Shivom’s model of building the world’s largest DNA datahub around the globe, and its aim of empowering users and DNA donors with full control and power over the information they share.

The full video is available for viewing here:

Nugget’s viewers are introduced to Shivom’s comprehensive offering, including securing DNA and genomic data storage, monetizing and incentivizing DNA data sharing and encrypting DNA information to prevent violations of privacy. Furthermore, the review describes how Shivom will guide the field of precision medicine, carrying out genetic data collection through global studies in developing countries, and transform the future of healthcare globally.

We are extremely grateful to the Nugget’s News team for their positive response to our project, and for featuring us on their channel! This is a great encouragement to the Shivom team to continue reaching for the top in our goal to advance and revolutionize genomics and precision medicine!

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