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The Shivom Ecosystem

Our massive precision medicine ecosystem will provide space for other healthcare and wellness providers such as clinics, genomic counselors, pharmaceuticals, research organizations, governments, patient-support groups, and insurance companies to add their apps and services.

Our Platform

Transform genomics data into knowledge

Break down data silos & boost your clinical trials

Collaborate to facilitate a wide range of multi-Omics based activities in drug R&D

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Global CItizen

Get your genome sequenced
or upload your DNA

Gain insight into your health or ancestry, improve your wellbeing, foster health research for the public good and even earn money for doing so. If you already got your DNA data from other services such as 23andMe, Ancestry, Genos or Sure Genomics, you can easily upload it to the Shivom database. Alternatively, you can order a DNA Kit for yourself or your family. It’s easy!

Pharma R&D

Enable precision medicine by
analyzing global genome & health data

Enhance your research by accessing and helping to build what will be the largest genome database on the planet. Together with the partners from the global healthcare community and governments, you can sponsor public sequencing projects or the sequencing of specific patient groups. Sponsoring of individuals that are underrepresented in genomic database (e.g. from remote rural areas) or who suffer from rare diseases will enhance your R&D processes and public health.