March 9, 2018

Project Shivom Is Now an Associate of Nasdaq listed Genetic Technologies Limited

At Project Shivom, we are constantly aspiring for impeccability in DNA data curation and perfect our own data-oriented requirements, which is why we have partnered with a diversified molecular diagnostic company; the provider of BREVAGenplus®, a first-in-class, clinically validated risk assessment test for sporadic (non-hereditary) breast cancer, Genetic Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: GENE).

This strategic alliance aims to achieve the following:

 From Genetic Data collection to Genetic counseling, we will work with GTG to obtain not only flawless and ethically obtained DNA data for research and development in the field of Genomics, Cancer research, and Precision Medicine
 Enabling the user to obtain a more accurate DNA information and share it with third parties on a pay per use basis
 Empower medical and genomic research with a rock-solid base founded on easily comprehensible DNA Data, flawless analysis, and secure operations
 Using blockchain technologies to further streamline genetic technologies across genomic testing platforms

We are extremely happy to collaborate with GTG and hope to build a remarkable future in the avenues of DNA analysis, Genomic Research, and Medical education and solutions that can be derived eventually.

We will be collaborating with more proficient firms in the future to continue our pursuit of the ethical, efficient, and ever-expanding DNA and Genomic information.

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