April 13, 2018

Shivom Covered on David Pakman Show, Finance News Network, and ICO review

Shivom is creating a lot of buzz with its unique and futuristic interlocking of blockchain technology and genomic data. Recently, Shivom’s CEO Axel Schumacher and CIO Henry Ines have been featured on the Finance News Network, David Pakman Show, and ICO Review.

The videos offer insights on the project, Shivom’s ICO offering, and include interviews with Co-Founders of Shivom and their vision, respectively.

You can view the videos at:

ICO Review —

David Pakman show featuring Henry Ines —

Finance News Network featuring Dr. Axel Schumacher and Henry Ines –

These videos highlight Shivom’s prospects and its purpose of decentralizing DNA and genomic data while ensuring full control and privacy to the DNA donors and genomic data providers.

Watch the Co-founding team talk to experts and explain the idea behind Shivom’s creation as they also provide a perspective on the future of precision medicine, DNA-based medical research, blockchain solutions and the importance of encrypting sensitive information DNA. In these videos, they also address concerns surrounding Shivom’s proposed use of the blockchain technology and genomic information.

We would also like to inform you that we are nearing the crowd sale event of our OmiX token which is only a few days from now.

Stay tuned.

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