April 14, 2018

Shivom Operates A Safe & Secure Purchase Platform — Follow These Simple Essential Crowdsale Tips

Dear Shivom Supporter,

Our crowdsale is only a few days away and in order to ensure the safety of your OmiX token purchase, we are sharing a few tips you can follow to fully secure your participation in the public presale, launching on April 16th, 1PM, GMT.

As a member of the Shivom community, please note that each step mentioned below is essential to ensure the safety and security of your purchase of OmiX tokens.

Tips to safeguard your contribution to the Shivom Crowdsale!

  1. Ignore Spam Messages — Shivom will never send an ambiguous or enticing message concerning your purchase or our initial offerings. Please note we will neither share or ask for information such as the contribution address, or make an incredible offer through a private message. All our messages will be sent through our verified Telegram group which can be visited at: You should be aware of scammers who impersonate and imitate website design, content, and information of founders in order to obtain sensitive data from the community. Do not respond to messages you may suspect of being unverified or without Shivom’s recognizable and official signia.
  2. Admin and Official Messages — All relevant messages will be sent through official interfaces such as the website, Telegram, social media or the official newsletter. Kindly do not respond to messages which are dubious in their official status.
  3. Bookmark/ Email the Official Website URL — Many times, scammers can create an identical website of the parent brand which can fool people and also obtain vital information from them. Kindly bookmark the official website of Shivom ( and other official online domains related to Shivom, such as social media, telegram group, etc.
  4. Save Official Email Addresses — In order to steer clear of fake or spam emails, save the Shivom email addresses in your primary email so that the emails show up in your inbox and not in the spam folder. This will ensure that the Shivom email is not counted as spam by your email client and you can easily identify a scam email in case you receive one as it will automatically be sent to your spam folder. Even when you have received the email in your inbox, always double check the information of the sender before replying.
  5. Do Not Share Your Shivom Account or Related Information with Anyone — Keep your contributions to our project as private as possible and do not share it with individuals you cannot trust with sensitive information. Shivom officials themselves will never ask or coax you to share unnecessary or unrequired information. PLEASE ONLY SEND ETH TO YOUR UNIQUE PARTICIPATION ADDRESS.

Please do not disclose crucial information about your Shivom account to anyone. We have also implemented some rules for the token sale so that safety and security of your data can remain intractable. These rules will be applied 30 minutes prior to the Token Sale and be in place up until 24 hours after the end of the Token Sale.

  1. Complete your KYC and obtain your encrypted key.
  2. 30 minutes before the token sale begins, the group will be muted and only Shivom admins will be able to write on the group.
  3. There’s a functionality in place where the bot will prevent accepting more than two messages from the same user and will delete two consecutive messages from the same user. If the user persists then the bot can ban them.
  4. Our system also bans anyone posting any ETH address or link immediately.

If you encounter any scam, abuse, or misleading information, please report it via Telegram and contact our support at

We look forward to a secure and long-lasting relationship with you!

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