April 13, 2018

Sign up for Shivom’s Presale Event and Avail 10% Bonus

A very warm greeting to our extended Shivom family!

We are thrilled to announce that the presale of our OmiX (OMX) token will commence on April 16th, continuing until April 22nd, 2018. To take advantage of the presale, you need to join our whitelist by signing up at

If you have been following Shivom’s journey for the last couple weeks, you are likely aware of all of our amazing recent developments and the overwhelming response our project has received.

Our goal is to democratize DNA data analysis, positively impact precision medicine and securely store genomic information. Shivom has already gained the support of a number of prominent individuals and organizations in the field, and we’re well on our way to gathering even more momentum!

With the Shivom platform everyone will be able to store their DNA data within a secure and privacy-oriented blockchain-based ecosystem, and monetize data sharing with research institutions and pharma companies, to directly impact global healthcare. The OmiX token is the fuel of Shivom’s platform and will be used to drive all data sharing, incentivizing and rewarding of individual DNA data donors. Additionally, it is the required method of exchange by pharma companies, medical institutes, and organizations to collaborate on research studies and access and analyze data.

If you are as excited about our project as we are, and would like to get an early start in joining our ecosystem, then register for the presale event and join our whitelist now!

You can sign up at to continue your journey as part of Shivom’s community.

Join our token campaign and let’s change global healthcare together!

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