Shivom at Festival of Genomics in London: The Landmark in the Journey of Genomics Towards the…

Shivom, with the goals of growing to be the largest genomic and health data-hub on the planet, is thrilled to announce its promotional booth at the London Festival of Genomics on January 30–31.

The festival highlights a stellar group of speakers from academia, biopharma and healthcare to explore the power of the genome in driving R&D and the diagnosis and treatment of disease into the future.

Shivom is bringing a disruptive, revolutionizing platform for integrating genomics with cutting edge technologies such as blockchain, AI and cryptography, and in doing so, this new massive ecosystem will create value for individuals, not-for-profit organizations, governments, and for-profit entities.

About the Shivom:

As the world’s first blockchain-based entirely vertical healthcare platform, Shivom will extend genomic services to form a global network of genomic counselors and associated laboratories for a fully integrated service system in a high scale fashion. In addition, through Shivom, we aim to launch a not-for-profit R&D organization based on collaboration and open-innovation, that optimally connects patients, clinicians, researchers, insurers and clinical laboratories to one another. By targeting the low-income and developing countries, Shivom will deliver genomics to all global healthcare ecosystems and rural areas, where these services have not been previously available, and enables clinicians and patients with genomic information that can be used to guide their decisions about personalized care, protecting research-participant interests in a manner that promotes maximum public benefit.