Our Global Team

Shivom’s international team harness a wealth of diverse experience, skills and perspectives. They have come together behind a common vision: the democratisation of the healthcare industry. The team shares a genuine optimism for the future, entrepreneurial drive and the passionate belief that Shivom will drive the future of genomics and precision medicine. Their dream is for Shivom to become a powerful force for positive social impact globally.

A big part of our mandate is social impact - we want everyone to be stakeholders when it comes to their healthcare.

Henry Ines - CEO, Shivom

Shivom Innovation Council

The Shivom Innovation Council is an internal think tank that supports and informs Shivom’s senior management team about future technology, industry trends and strategy. It also helps Shivom prioritise investments, resources and initiatives. The Council is comprised of world-class experts and thought leaders in a variety of key areas including A.I., genomics, business strategy, cryptography, computer science, cybersecurity, telemedicine, IoT, futurology, and precision medicine.

Shivom is forward thinking, reaching out to areas where others have not yet reached out to. Together through the blockchain ecosystem, we will put people at the centre of healthcare.

Antanas Gouga - Member of EU Parliament, Shivom Advisor