October 24, 2017

The Shivom Vision — Transforming the Future of Healthcare

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Project Shivom.

Over the last few years genomics and blockchain have reached the potential to significantly improve global healthcare. Genomic medicine has huge implications for the understanding and treatment of as many as 7,000 rare diseases, as well as cancers, complex disease such as cardiovascular and neurodegenerative, and infections. Project Shivom is the next evolutionary step in this development by creating a medical genomics ecosystem on the blockchain. For the first time ever, an ecosystem will offer an open web-marketplace for other providers to add not only genomics information, but also analytics, and associated apps and services to drive personalised medicine. We further aim to extend our services to form a global network of associated laboratories and research centres, as well as genetic counselors and other relevant services. On top of this global ecosystem we will build a not-for-profit R&D organization to serve the underserved, and deliver genomics sequencing technology and targeted health care. Leveraging blockchain technology, the research institute will be based on collaboration and open-innovation, that optimally connects patients, clinicians, researchers, insurers and clinical laboratories to one another. The Shivom platform works on principles of collaboration, openness, and integrity allowing patients to own their genomic data, have full access to it, and monetize it on the blockchain.

Blockchain technology is ideally suited to address most trust issues, such as patient consent, unclear data ownership, data integrity, or user authentication, enabling complex data rights management and fine-grained access using smart contracts. Using state-of-the-art blockchain technology means access to improved data security, easier data sharing, increased patient engagement, better quality ‘big data’ analytics, enhanced R&D processes, and artificial intelligence-based diagnostics for all participants. Our vision is for Shivom to be the largest genomic data-hub on the planet. In doing so, this new massive ecosystem will create value for individuals, not-for-profit organizations, governments, and for-profit entities.

We strongly believe that Shivom will change the fields of genomics, health care, and personalized medicine, for those in remote communities, and for the global system. We urge feedback on our project and whitepaper, and are excited to share further development news with you as it becomes available.

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